Minutes from 3/13/19 Alumni Meeting

Minutes of EWG Alumni meeting 3/13/19

Attendees: Sue Grundy, Ed Gould, Jeremy Taylor, Lee-Ann Galli and Chris Brunelli

Welcome to Chris Brunelli as a new attendee.

Agenda items

Fancloth apparel- not listening to us as a customer for what we want as a design; decision made to go with a different company. Alumni “staff” apparel was discussed. Company TBA

Knight bobbleheads- $20 a piece. Is there a way to make customer orders? Yes, but they are $120 a piece. Is this an option to make one then continue to sell at a higher price?

Scholarship- Sue to submit to John Krum with finalized changes. Lee-Ann asked about community service hours that NHS and seniors need to finish and possibly using these students to help man the tables at different events.

Donation hierarchy- discussion of titles of levels for donors. Platinum=knight etc. How to incorporate this on the website, how to promote sustainers. This discussion led into donations from social media. Promotion of Facebook for over 25 crowd, but what is the younger generations using? IG, Tik Tok, were mentioned. How to utilize these for donations, event planning etc

Walkway bricks- yes they are available for purchase, yes there will be a spot for them, not sure where yet as Jeremy still has not seen the architecture designs

MidKnight Madness-March 22- Sue, Lee-Ann, Nina and Beth have volunteered as chaperones. There is a performance of Freaky Friday (6pm) prior to the start of MidKnight Madness festivities which is open to the public. This event is open to the public and there will be an alumni table. After the show, must have a MidKnight Madness shirt to show you are supposed to be there.

2020/30th anniversary event-What former faculty to invite? When should we do it? Jeremy suggested June 2020 because renovations will begin and the school will no longer look the way we remember it. What? Lee-Ann suggested outdoor fair like EWG kids used to do, sell tables for $40 for any clubs/activities interested and let them do their thing. We would also have a table. Could rent dunk tank. Other ideas??!!

Reunions this year- Classes should understand that by having EWG Alumni Association assume risk, they would not be held liable should someone get hurt at at reunion function with our insurance rider.

Class of 1994-25th

Class of 1999-20th

Class of 2004-15th

Class of 2009-10th

Need to identify class officers for each class and contact them

Graduation 2019-create a flyer/contact sheet to be added to the program

Film with graduating students- How do we do this? Do we set up a booth? Ask 3 questions and have them answer? Logistics? This would be helpful for the community service volunteers to be around

Alumni highlight?

Other ideas?- artwork donation/sports memorabilia raffle

Golf tournament

Newsletter- Sue wants one out by May 1st

Facebook live event?

Jeremy-Honor society questions to John Krum. Bobblehead questions. Website updates. Web resources through tech soup

Chris B- Newsletter/Website


Sue-Talk to Sharon Pelser about coming to the next meeting to sign over officially the name EWG Kids, Inc and the 501c3 and which activities she wants to see continued

Chris asked if we had any financials, as of this time we do not, specifically cash flow in vs cash flow out

We have about $397 total for the scholarship fund

Meeting adjourned 7:30pm